NOTE: All Covid-19 policies are in effect indefinitely until deemed unnecessary by The State of Ohio 

We are an essential business 

We are a maintenance company and considered a necessary trade for the maintenance of commercial and residential properties. We provide services required to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, essential activates, and essential business. We are protectors of public health to perform essential treatments to lawns and green spaces to reduce the transmission of dangerous and deadly diseases through pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. We keep public and private green spaces free from obstruction and potential hazards. Crime rates increase in areas where green spaces are not maintained. We play a critical role in the maintenance and removal to assist in fire abatement. 

Social distancing 

We encourage all clients not to approach employees on the job site. When communication is required, please only come to the designated foreman, keeping at a distance of six feet or more. (Click here) to learn more about our employees. Employees are encouraged to drive in different vehicles so that an extra car may be present. Don't forget you can always call or text us at 234-200-6003 or send an email to

We encourage paperless payment.

Note: All online payment fees are no longer applicable      

Getting a check in the mail is fun, but you know what was trending before Covid-19? Online payment!! Sending a check in the mail can be dangerous. Why? Because it exposes your checking account number. Online payment is safe, encrypted, and not even our business will see your bank information. Last it is 100% safe from initiating the spread of Covid-19. (Click here) to go to our paperless payment portal

We encourage paperless Billing.

(Click here) to enroll in paperless Billing. It saves paper, stamps, and time. Less mail we both have touch. 


Elective projects are permitted, we are open for all operations of service. 

Unless mandated to only essential service by the state of Ohio, we can complete any project at this time. 

Keep in mind elective procedures such as but not limited to (bed enhancement) require more staff and thus increase the likelihood of spreading Covid-19. The State of Ohio currently approves all of our usual business operations. Thanks for your understanding.      

Questions or concerns regarding these procedures, please call 234-200-6003. We are all in this together; stay strong, America!