We use fertilizers to transform the lawn into a lush and healthy yard.  We offer three levels of fertilization. Low-maintenance sites receive fewer applications; even minimal treatment can keep the yellow dandelions away! Brown spots on a lawn are often the result of insufficient fertilization.

NOTE: We offer these services through the use of a subcontractor 

1. Three applications (spring, summer, and fall) 

    • Gets rid of weeds and dandelions 
    • Green lawn all season long 
    • encourages active growth  

2. Four applications + Grub control (early spring, late spring, summer, and fall) 

    • All of the above 
    • The additional indicated application ensures rapid early season growth. Your lawn will grow thicker and greener!  
    • Grubs cause ugly dead spots to form in the lawn; they live just under the surface! All yards are prone to grubs; however, ryegrasses tend to be most susceptible. 

3. Five applications + Grub control (early spring, late spring, early summer, mid-summer, and fall) 

    • All of the above 
    • An additional application in the summer can extend the lifespan of the lawn through the drought months. We recommend the use of irrigation if you choose this option.