Mowing is a science, and one of the most important things you will do to your lawn. Thus, trust the professionals at Trim Neat LLC! Our services include mowing, trimming, edging, blowing off the drive, and more! We will ensure that you will be ready for that weekend Barbecue! Most mowing takes place on a weekly schedule. Mowing days are subject to change based upon weekly weather conditions.

Lawn Mowing Services Include:

  • Mowing: Grass Cutting
  • Trimming: around trees, shrubs, and fence lines
  • Edging: of driveways and sidewalks
  • Blowing: off all debris from sidewalks, drive, and patio

Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing

  • This service is not available during the spring or when the grass is growing fast. However, it is offered in the summer and fall when the grass is growing slow.

One-Time Lawn Service

  • Please call us one week in advance if you require a one-time mow. If you are planning to be on vacation, request a free estimate. If the borders are not maintained, edging will require an additional fee. 
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