To best compete with fellow landscapers in Northeast Ohio, we keep our pricing to local industry standards, 
to ensure quality service. Don't believe us? Feel free to check other landscape companies: 

Lawn Mow:

 Size of Mowable Space EST
  The cost to Mow, Trim & Edge 
 Small Properties 
Up to 8,000 sq feet  $29.99
Each additional sq 1,000 Feet + $0.99
 Large Properties 
 1 - 2 acres  $49 - $59 per acre 
 Larger than 2 acres  $34 - $49 per acre

Other Stipulations: 
  • If the grass is tall (above 6in) requiring us to mow it twice (or more), as we do not bag the clippings, and it takes more time to make it look professional. An exstra cost will be incured through our per man hour rate of $39.99 
  • There is an extra charge for the first edge, if it requires sod cutting and clean up.
  • To bag the clippings will encure an $4.99 per bag (42 gal) fee. This service is only avialble for yards 21,000 sq feet or less 
  • Bi-weekly mowing +$14.99
  • Corner Lot +$4.99
Mulch pricing 
  • If the amount of mulch needed exceeds 2.5 yards, refer to the prices below. Any order under 2.5 yards will be purchased in bags at market price (est. $2 - $3.33 per bag, up to 30 bags) 
  • $59.99 to lay each yard of mulch 
  • $39.99 Mulch delivery fee for Akron's Finest Mulch 
  • $39.99 Mulch delivery fee for bagged Mulch  
  • Bed Edging $.85 /Ft
  • Weeding & Bed clean up (ie.leaves) $39.99/hr
Shrub Trimming:
  • Sall Shrub $7.99
  • Medium Shrub $14.99
  • Large Shurb $24.99+ ($2.99 for each foot above 6 Ft)

  • Hedge: each shrub is counted individually 
Yard cleanup (Any Time):
  • $119.99 Minimum Deposit up to 50% of the estimate 
  • Three-man-hour Minimum (One hour on property per team)
  • Debris can be removed for an additional Fee 
Leaf Removal (Fall):  
  • Light leaf cover: (can see grass) 
Size of  yard to clean EST
Up to 8,000 sq feet  $119.99
Each additional sq 1,000 Feet + $14.99
  • Heavy leaf cover: (cannot see grass)

Size of  yard to clean EST
Up to 8,000 sq feet  $199.99
Each additional sq 1,000 Feet $24.99

Leaves can be removed for an additional $79.99 Fee 

How to pay:

Customer support  234-200-6003 

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