Mulch protects your plants; from weeds and invasive pests! Mulch keeps the soil cool, saves water. Last, mulch can improve the aesthetics of your landscape. Don't believe us? Check out this article Mulching Landscape Plants, 2001, written by Dr. Mary Ann Rose, at The Ohio State University. 


Our Mulching Materials

Our mulch is triple-shredded made from a premium blend of organic materials; mulch contains a mixture of leaves, shrubs, and other recycled wood. Our mulch is clean of weeds, trash, metal, and other debris. The mulch is dyed using high-quality, organic colorants. The dye allows the mulch to hold its color for at least one full season - guaranteed!

Timing your Mulch Application

We recommend applying mulch during May & June; this allows for the soil to warm properly. Mulching too early can delay the drying of soil and inhibit root growth that is dependent upon sufficient aeration. A second application is sometimes needed in the fall to protect plants from the cold of winter. This application occurs before the first frost. 


Mulching Depth

We recommend applying mulch at a depth of 2" - 3" deep. While not recommended by us, mulch applied 3.5," or deeper can lead to a host of problems, such as but not limited to water on the surface, the suffocation of plants, mold, and bugs! We suggest applying mulch to an existing base, bring the total depth up to 2" - 3". 


Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric could be useful in with weed prevention. In comparison, this tactic can damage the soil nutrient cycle.   




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