Most yards require cleanup in the spring and fall. Here we have listed things to consider when requesting a cleanup. We recommend that you survey your yard to formulate a checklist. 

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Spring Cleanup
  • Pruning: This is the time to prune non-flowering plants. Flowering plants should be pruned after blooming. Regardless of the plant; dead and damaged branched should be cut back. 
  • Mulch: Pull old mulch away from the base of trunks and stems. Check the depth of mulch. If the depth is lower than 2 - 2.5 In. fresh much is recommended as weeds and other pests will be attracted to bare beds during the summer. 
  • Debris: Over the winter your yard can collect leaves, branches, trash, and other unwanted materials; all contaminates should be removed. If left debris can kill plants and provide homes for unwanted pests. 
Fall Cleanup 
  • Pruning: Can cutback shrubs or any perennial plants that won't last the winter. 
  • Leaves: If you have trees think about requesting one leaf removal before Thanksgiving and one before Christmas. 


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